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Sign up for a free account, set up a profile, answer a short questionnaire, add employment history, and begin searching for jobs. Like building a relationship when dating, they will participate in up to three progressive levels once a job is identified. At Levels 1 and 2, if interested in the job characteristics and the recruiter is interested in them, they will be hotlisted (shortlisted). Once they reach Level 3, the recruiter can strike a match. If they strike a match, the recruiter will decide whether to contact the job seeker regarding next steps in the hiring process.


Sign up for an account, set up a profile, and post job openings. When a job seeker is interested in a job, the recruiter will review their characteristics and choose to hotlist (or shortlist) them at progressive levels. If the recruiter and job seeker like each other at Level 3, they can choose to strike a match. Litjobs will reveal the job seeker's contact information to the recruiter and they can choose to take the next steps in the hiring process.


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